Type: Workshop with Public lectures
Duration: September-October 2015
Format: Full-time program, with field-trips and public lectures
Language: Georgian
Location: Tbilisi
Number of Participants: 24

The workshop provided research, analysis, identification of problems in Avlabari public spaces and offered scenarios for their further improvement.
The goal was to change the consciousness of the population towards the public spaces of the still existing Soviet mentality, as opposed to “what is owned by everyone, is owned by nobody”. So that public spaces are taken as a common space and everyone participates in their care.
In the process of work, students applied to the so-called. A “bottom-up” and “hands-on” approach, which involves working closely with local residents during analysis, research, and planning, taking into account their thoughts and needs. In practice, this kind of approach helps to build trust between future architects, urban planners, and the public.

Tutors: Nutsa Kandelaki, Shota Saganelidze, Nutsa Nadareishvili

Participants: Mariam Shaishmelashvili, Giorgi Vardanashvili, Tamara Texova, Tamta Jughashvili, Nino Margvelashvili, Temo Tsaava, Giorgi Kopadze, Tamar Gurgenidze, Ketevan Silakhadze, Elene Sifrashvili, Mariam Margvelashvili, Nino Kobuladze, Mariam Qavtaradze,Giorgi Phiranashvili, Tinatin Feiqrishvili, Vazha Tchokuri, Ekaterine Tevdoradze, Besarion Gogua, Jana Tabagari, Mariam Chogovadze, Ekaterine Mindiashvili, Guram Mamisashvili, Nika Ksovreli, Rusudan Tkemaladze