Type: Workshop with Public lectures
Duration: May-June 2018
Format: Full-time program, with field-trips and public lectures
Language: Georgian
Location: Tbilisi
Number of Participants: 27

The aim of the workshop was to rethink the Tbilisi garages and the public spaces separated by them, to discover their potential, and to develop development scenarios, taking into account different locations and data. 

The research determined the role of such spaces in the daily life of the city and the neighborhood, what potential they had, and how they can be transformed – adapted to today’s challenges. How can a garage problem become an opportunity?

Students gained experience that involved analyzing public spaces and identifying problems in the city based on social research and then offering scenarios for their improvement by working closely with the population and taking their opinion into account.

Tutors: Nutsa Kandelaki, Shota Saganelidze, Nutsa Nadareishvili,Nikoloz Lekveishvili, Ucha Zghudadze, Tinatin Gurgenidze

Participants: Ana Goglidze, Davit Tabatadze, Nino Kviatkovskaya, Ana Ghvinianidze, Giorgi Razmadze, Lika Vadatchkoria, Sophio Buzarashvili, Kakhi Pachoshvili, Rati Kupatadze, Guram Khmiadashvili, Ana Nutsubidze, Nino Shonia, Roza Baresaregia, Andro Kortua,Barbara Kacharava, Nino Lomsadze, Levan Mchedluri,  Konstantine Gaprindashvili, Giorgi Chachanidze, Ana Mdinaradze, Nana Ivardava, Mariam Baindurashvili, Ani Ratiani, Ketevan Kacharava, Irakli Kochlashvili, Tamara Khutsishvili, Tata Zakaraia