Type: Workshop with Public lectures
Duration: May 2017
Format: Full-time program, with field-trips and public lectures
Language: English/Georgian
Location: Tbilisi
Number of Participants: 20

The aim of the workshop was to research and analyze one of the traditional Tbilisian courtyard archetypes – an important element of the city, which shapes the urban life of its neighborhood communities. The workshop focused on researching the semi-closed Agmashenebeli avenue courtyards, and aimed to develop strategies for social and spatial design to rejuvenate these courtyards and rethink their role in the 21st century city;

The Workshop took place in Tbilisi, Georgia from 17 till 21st of May 2017; It was international and served as a platform for foreign and Georgian young professionals and graduate or master level students to work together, gain and share knowledge and experience. We believe that bringing in international professionals helped local architects and designers see the research topic from different angles and to reflect on the problem;

The workshop was organized and held by Urban Experiments Group in collaboration with Stadslab – European Urban Design Laboratory, as a postgraduate international program. Stadslab is a think tank and international urban design laboratory, with a track record of programs in Europe and Asia (Japan).


Tutors: Nutsa Kandelaki, Shota Saganelidze, Nutsa Nadareishvili, Marc Glaudemans  Movie Author: Fabio Petronilli

Participants: Ahmed Al-Mallak, Ahmed Khaled Badr,  Aleksandre Gachechiladze,  Aleksi Javakhishvili,  Lucia Alonso, Muhsen Zaki, Nipun Prabhakar,  Tatia Khutsishvili, Antonio Ippolite, Anna Kintsurashvili, Giulia Gualteri, Karolina Skonieczna, Sandro Truchan, Regis Dumoulin, Yulila Zalomaikina, Lucy Wallwork, Marijke van der Staak,  Lucianna Bellacosa, Mariana Fiuza, Ambre Godard

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